The HUGE Health Benefits of Autophagy

We’ve all heard about the benefits of recycling – and it turns out it’s good for your body too! Autophagy is often described as the body’s recycling process and is linked with reduced risk of many diseases as well as longer lifespan. It’s a hot topic in medical research and may help prevent and even cure many serious health disorders. But what is autophagy? And how can we benefit from it? In this post we answer these questions and take a look at the health benefits of autophagy.

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Salt and Insulin: How a Low Sodium Diet Causes Diabetes

We typically think eating too much salt is a bad thing. And while there is such a thing as too much, new research suggests eating too little salt may be a greater cause for concern. Studies have shown a low sodium diet can increase the risk of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. In fact, there are many biological similarities between low sodium and high sugar diets. In this post we look at the links between low salt diet, insulin resistance and diabetes.

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